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School Suspensions and Expulsions: SERC Library Journal Articles and Additional Keywords

This guide provides resources on school suspensions and expulsions and provides links to reports, research and professional organizations that work to address concerns about school discipline.

Keywords and Search Terms

These keywords or search terms can also be used to conduct searches in our online databases, depending on the aspect of school discipline you are researching. You can also limit searches by publication date if you want to focus on the most recent articles.

  • exclusionary discipline sanctions
  • school disciplinary action
  • alternatives to student suspension
  • disciplinary process and procedures
  • limiting recess
  • community service
  • racial differences in school discipline
  • parents and school suspension/ expulsion
  • reforming school discipline
  • school discipline
  • truancy/absenteeism
  • zero-tolerance policies
  • disciplinary infractions
  • disproportionality in school discipline
  • restorative practices
  • alternatives to school suspension
  • PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)
  • schoolwide initiatives on behavior
  • in-school suspension
  • reducing school suspensions
  • non-discipline practices
  • peer mediation
  • youth courts
  • out-of-school suspension
  • alcohol/drug policies
  • substance abuse issues
  • law enforcement involvement
  • school violence
  • discipline policy
  • disproportional trends in school discipline
  • deterrents to behavior problems
  • disruptive behavior
  • reforming school discipline
  • juvenile justice system
  • school discipline and law
  • school to prison pipeline
  • punishment/detention
  • students with disabilities and discipline
  • demographics and school discipline
  • punitive discipline
  • SWPBS (school-wide positive behavior support)
  • at-risk students and suspension
  • discipline referral
  • childcare and early childhood expulsions
  • mental health and suspension/expulsion
  • suspension/expulsion rates
  • positive school community/climate

How to access the above articles, reports and book reviews

Library patrons can access the above by visiting the SERC Library and utilizing our online databases. To access our full-text online journals you need to be a member of the library. Membership is free and we can set up a membership for you over the phone or via email. Using your member number, log in at

Click on the EBSCO Discovery Service link to begin your searching. If you have questions, please call the SERC Library at 860-632-1485 x 235 or email the staff at

Bibliography created by The SERC Library Staff

This bibliography is a list of full text journal articles available in the SERC Library online databases on the topics of school suspensions and expulsions.