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Within this guide, you will find resources from our SERC Library collections, as well as articles available at the SERC Library.  In addition, we have included links, resources, guides, and other materials from organizations and associations that support the theme of this LibGuide. 

It is the SERC Library's goal to have this guide function as a reference guide for educators to come back to again and again.

Please stop by regularly as we are continually adding new resources and attempting to meet the unique co-teaching information needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New and Notable Resources for Co-Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic

CEC Quick Takes: Leadership Support for Co-Teaching with Remote Learning

In this Quick Take, Marilyn Friend's talking about administrative support for virtual co-teaching. What can school leaders do for their co-teachers during online learning? How does the support they need differ? How can you ensure your co-teachers really are "co?" Find out these answers and more. Learn more and access the resources mentioned at

Presented by Marilyn Friend, Ph.D.. Recorded April 27, 2020.

Teaching Special Education During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Pre-recorded Webinar)

In these unprecedented times, teachers are being asked to think outside of the box in terms of how to continue teaching students outside of the classroom. As instruction is forced online, teachers require strategies to provide differentiated special education to their students. In this webinar, veteran online instructors help identify steps to move online and strategies for adapting the lessons already in motion to this new format., They will share a distilled set of simple, impactful tips as well as resources and tools available to you during the transition.

Though this video is geared towards supporting certified special education teachers during this difficult time, co-teachers and paraprofessionals may find the information included within to be helpful in framing their continued work in a digital setting.

Goodbye, Long Nights of Lesson Planning: The Secrets to Successful Virtual Co-Teaching

Take a look at this article from EdSurge on how to adapt to co-teaching in a digital environment.

Inclusive classrooms: How to get co-teachers on the same (digital) page for planning

"By sharing lesson plans digitally, co-teachers can improve planning and ensure that students with disabilities receive the adaptations they need for success."

Take a look at this guide from District Administration on co-teaching and co-planning strategies.

What Can Co-Teachers Do as a Virtual Team? A MiddleWeb Blog 

In this post from the MiddleWeb Blog, author Elizabeth Stein reviews ways co-teachers and educators can work as a team to assist the students in their continued learning during the digital learning environment caused by the 2019 Coronavirus pandemic.

Collaborative Teaching Virtual Instruction Tips

This document provided by the Florida Inclusion Network answers several questions regarding facilitating collaborative instruction during the transition from the traditional classroom to a virtual format


Resources and listings in this LibGuide do not indicate approval or endorsement by SERC or the Connecticut State Department of Education.  The listings are provided solely as a resource of general information.