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2021 Childhood Conversations Together We Will Conference: Reading

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Amplify Foundational Skills Boost

CKLA Digital - Login

"This free resource is designed for students in grades 1-3 and covers nine weeks of instruction from the end of last school year. Based on the Amplify CKLA scope and sequence, this site provides instruction, reading practice, teacher-led small group activities, and family resources. Teachers can use these resources to supplement grade-level instruction and families can help students access resources for independent learning. Use these resources in remote, hybrid, and in-school contexts for maximum flexibility. Pick the appropriate grade below to get started now!"

Learning @ Lunch: Literacy Supports for Remote Learning Part 1 (Resources to Teach Reading Skills)

The first session will focus on online tools that build the four foundational reading skills identified by the National Reading Panel – Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Reading Comprehension and Fluency. We will briefly review the research and explore online resources for remote learning which promote the development of foundational reading skills. Each session includes a list of resources for participants to explore once the session has ended.

Presented by Karen Janowski; AT Consultant, EdTech Solutions, @KarenJan


Contract Reporter/Writer - Education Writers Association

"This special report examines how many of the nation’s elementary schools are staring down a daunting new challenge: teach young children to read, without being able to interact with them in person, using instead digital tools and videoconferencing platforms in sweeping new ways that are mostly untested.

Featuring exclusive survey data on digital reading instruction from the EdWeek Research Center, the report examines how the new consensus on how to best teach reading should be incorporated into digital early literacy curricular materials, the extent to which the digital curricula and literacy tools already in widespread use are integrating the science of reading into their products, the best approaches for teaching reading in remote or hybrid learning environments, and one teacher’s take on how she has handled the challenges of teaching reading during COVID-19."

Literacy in Lockdown: Learning and Teaching During COVID‐19 School Closures

The Reading Teacher

Across the globe, students have been away from schools and their teachers, but literacy learning has continued. In many countries, students’ literacy proficiency is often measured via high‐stakes assessment tests. However, such tests do not make visible students’ literacy lives away from formal learning settings, so students are positioned as task responders, rather than as agentive readers and writers. The authors explore the fluidity and diversity of literacy events and practices for students and their teachers observed during the recent period of COVID‐19 lockdown restrictions.

Learning @ Lunch: Literacy Supports for Remote Learning Part 2 (Read Aloud Supports)

The second session (of this four part series) focused on the value of read aloud and text to speech supports for students whose reading skills are evolving. Participants will learn a variety of free online read aloud supports for students of all ages. Many students are unable to receive their reading instruction during this unprecedented time. It is essential to provide ongoing exposure to texts of interest and grade level vocabulary to maintain skills and instill a love for learning and reading. Each session includes a list of resources for participants to explore once the session has ended. Session slides can be accessed at:

Presented by Karen Janowski; AT Consultant, EdTech Solutions, @KarenJan

The Conversation

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Teaching kids to read during the coronavirus pandemic: 5 questions answered

"Keisha McIntosh Allen and Kindel Turner Nash research how kids learn to read and prepare future teachers at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. They are also raising children of their own. Here, they answer five questions many families and teachers may have about what they are seeing with virtual learning for early childhood education."


Parents can help kids catch up in reading with a 10-minute daily routine

In this article, Kindel Turner Nash from The Conversation reviews the ways parents can support their child's reading success at home by implementing the Read Two Impress Plus method.

Conquer Learning Loss AND Get Ahead for Next Year Summer Instruction with Lindamood-Bell!

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes - YouTube

Join Nanci Bell for a mini webinar.  Now more than ever, summer instruction can make the difference of a lifetime for a student.

  • Individualized, intensive instruction in basic skills. 
  • Years of learning gained in only weeks of instruction.
  • Sensory-cognitive foundations for reading, comprehension, critical thinking, and math.
  • Evidence-based instruction.

National Summer Learning Association

Home | National Summer Learning Association (NSLA)

The National Summer Learning Association has put together a series of resources that will support parents as they help children maintain the skills they have gained during the school year and stop learning loss. Explore their resources below!


Join the NSLA  for National Summer Learning Week on July 12 - 16, 2021!

National Summer Learning Week is a celebration dedicated to elevating the importance of keeping kids learning, safe, and healthy every summer, ensuring they return to school ready to succeed in the year. This year, we’re bringing back themes you can use to highlight activities during the celebration. Some suggested themes are: Dive into a Book Adventure, Discover STEM and Soar, Eat Healthy and Grow Strong to Win at Wellness, Celebrate the Future Leaders of Tomorrow, and Make a Masterpiece. Join our mailing list to receive The Summer Times newsletter with up-to-date information on Summer Learning Week and more.

Students are struggling to read behind masks and screens during COVID-19, but ‘expectations are no different’

USA Today: World Must Recommit to Refugees | HIAS

Provided by USA Today, this article reviews the unique challenges that have presented as young children learn to read during the COVID-19 pandemic.