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Welcome to the Black/Latino Studies Curriculum Libguide!

The purpose of this guide is to provide SERC Consultants, curriculum writers, community stakeholders, educators, and etc. with the information and resources to support the successful implementation of the Black and Latino Studies Curriculum in Connecticut Public Schools for the 2022 school year.


A Reflection On Why This Course Is Important

A Note About Navigation

This research guide contains 6 subject area tabs that are for the use of exploration and research so that those who are designing the Black and Latinx Studies Curriculum may be fully armed with information to create a strong and influential curriculum. 

The Course Development Information tab provides information regarding the specific developments of the course through its official roll out to classrooms by 2022.

The Historical Events tab provides resources that are organized into 2 pages: one that provides access to databases and resources with historical documents and the other which provides access to resources related to teaching history. Please visit the Historical Events home page as it has additional resources that may be useful to you.

The Arts & Culture tab provides resources that are organized into 4 pages: Sports & Business; Music, Drama, & Film; Literature & Other Writings, and Art & Fashion.  Please visit the Historical Events home page as it has additional resources that may be useful to you.

The Important People tab provide access to resources that can provide biographical information through text or audio recordings of oral history.

The Hot Topics tab provides resources confront the modern-day concerns, issues or controversies relating to Black and Latinx Studies. The tab is separated into 3 topic pages: Colorism & Prejudice, Reparations, and Immigration & Citizenship.  This guide seeks to present both sides of these issues equally. 

The Racial Equity Assistance for Educators tab seeks to support current high school History teachers in achieving a respectful and empathetic classroom as they implement the curriculum in their lessons through a compilation of teacher focused resources and webinars.

If you have any questions regarding this guide, please contact Cassondra McCarthy using the contact information in the adjacent box.

Thank you for visiting the Black and Latino Curriculum libguide! Please explore and enjoy!

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