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Online Learning and Other Resources for the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic: STEM Resources

Webinar: Distance Learning: How to Support STEM and Physical Activity at Home

Creating student engagement with STEM learning is more challenging than ever as educators transition to distance learning.

In this edWebinar, Kirstin Harrington, EdTech Coach from Flagler County Schools, discusses how she is supporting teachers and students with STEM activities to keep students learning and engaged at home.

In this edWebinar, learn:

  • How to balance education with student engagement at home
  • How to mix STEM and active movement at home
  • Free tools for mindfulness and SEL for students
  • Advice on how to support other teachers and staff

Also learn more about Unruly Splats sponsoring $250K worth of Splats to educators through their COVID19 Educator Grant.

This recorded edWebinar will be of interest to kindergarten through middle school teachers, librarians, library media specialists, technology integration specialists and coaches, principals, and school and district leaders

Presented by Kristin Harrington, EdTech Coach, Flagler County Schools, FL
Hosted by Lauren Watkins, Marketing Lead, Unruly Splats

Sponsored by Unruly Splats

Webinar: Elevate the Voices of Students in STEM at Your School – Webinar Q&A on Hosting the Texas Chief Science Officer Program

See how you can bring the Texas Chief Science Officer program to your school. This is an open Q&A chat for families, students, educators & community organizations. Join Dr. Stephanie Garcia, the Texas regional lead for the international CSO program, with your questions and coffee in hand! Learn how to join or champion this incredible student-driven STEM program.

Webinar: Remote Learning for Secondary Math and Science: Strategies for Using What We’ve Learned

This edWebinar will feature two innovative, tech-savvy secondary-level educators in math and science. Beth Tumminello and Kim Gardner will explore techniques, lesson plan development, tech tools—many of which have free versions—and more for middle grade math and high school science. These two teachers will share what they’ve learned and experienced during the sudden transition to remote learning and will highlight the instructional delivery techniques and tactics they plan to carry forward as school re-opens in multiple models this year.

Mathematics Webinar - Navigating the New Normal: Distance Learning

Presented by; Zak Champagne (from Pearson K-12 Learning)

Duration: 1 hour per webinar (pre-recorded)

It’s important to continue to build community and focus on student thinking. This opportunity will allow us all the chance to learn how to not make virtual learning just drill and practice, but to continue to engage our students as mathematicians who think, communicate, listen, share, and challenge each other as we learn together.