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Assistive Technology Collection @ SERC: Home

Discover the assistive technology available to check out from the SERC Library.

Welcome to the AT Corner @ SERC!

Person at an information desk with a magnifying glass and paper                            Want to learn more about assistive technology (AT) and how it can help your student or your child? Wish you could test some AT devices before choosing them? Feeling lost with the array of apps?

The State Education Resource Center (SERC) can assist you! Families and educators are welcome to visit the SERC Library’s Assistive Technology Corner, where they can see the display of low-, mid- and high-tech AT devices, try them out, and learn about the latest research and trends in the field of assistive technology.

View our collection below, or search "AT Corner Collection" in the library catalog to see everything we have to offer. You can also search the library catalog by the type of device (e.g. keyboard). 

In addition to demonstrating the use of the devices, SERC staff can provide information on how to create low-tech AT using everyday materials as well as the importance of AT in accessing, participating in, and progressing in the general education curriculum. Educators can also reserve the space to conduct AT assessments and use the available AT devices for trials.

For more information and to make appointments for demonstrations of AT, please contact the SERC Library.

question in a bubbleWondering how to get started on access to the Library or getting a library card? Check out the below "Using the SERC Library Guide" and/or view our Policies by clicking the "Policies" tab at the top of this guide: we have on specific to library users checking out AT equipment.

When you are finished using any AT equipment, SERC Library staff will ask you to complete a brief survey. This helps us ensure our AT collection is meeting your needs, and could help us get more funding to continue to develop and improve this collection. We thank you for your time and support.

Triangle with a exclamation mark inside to symbolize important                         Besides our "Using the SERC Library" guide, there are several guides our SERC specialists and library staff have developed to help point you to relevant, reliable resources that support students with disabilities. 

Check them out below!