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Common Core State Standards 2011-2014: Home

Within this LibGuide you will find new Common Core State Standards resources added to the SERC Library collections, current bibliographies of journal articles, resources available via the web, downloadable reports and articles and more!

The Common Core State Standards LibGuide from the SERC Library 2011- 2014

Information about the Common Core State Standards collected from 2011 through 2014 is now consolidated into this one LibGuide. Please also refer to our 2015-2016 Common Core State Standards LibGuide for additional information on this subject.

Lesson Plans and Instructional Information

Embedded within blog articles, newspaper/newsletter articles, and internet sites are lesson paths and instructional ideas.  Explore all the offerings in addition to the specific title pages under English language arts, Math, Media, Science, and Social Studies.

What you will find in this guide

Within this guide you will find resources from our collections, as well as articles available at the SERC Library.  In addition, we have included organizations and associations that support the theme of the LibGuide. There are additional resources at the SERC Library on Common Core State Standards.


Resources and listings in this LibGuide do not indicate approval or endorsement by SERC or the Connecticut State Department of Education.  The listings are provided solely as a resource of general information.

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