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Online Learning and Other Resources for the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic: Home

Important Information about this Guide

This guide has been created for the purpose of supplying SERC consultants, teachers, education professionals, parents, SERC Library patrons, etc. with important resources and links needed to support the online learning of Connecticut K-12 students during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). As we all adapt to distance learning and the work-from-home environment, we invite you to explore the above tabs and resources within to help support you, your families, your students, and your colleagues in this time of social distancing.

During the school closure related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CSDE Commissioner has waived the requirement for individual contracts between school districts and providers of educational technology solutions.  However, the use of educational technology solutions must be from companies that have provided digital assurances that they comply with Connecticut’s law by signing the “Connecticut Student Data Privacy Pledge.”  SERC does not guarantee that the companies represented by these resources have provided such assurances.  Please see the list of companies that have provided assurances of compliance with Connecticut’s law at the following link: .

Please contact your district for more information.

This symbol ►► indicates that this resource has recently been added. The SERC library team will consistenly update this LibGuide and mark newly added resources accordingly. 

Remote Learning Online Resources and Copyright Infringement

The SERC Library would like to remind its patrons and (virtual) visitors that the process of creating and using online remote learning resources always should be watched closely with regards to the potential of a copyright infringement.

We want to draw your attention to this article that was published by Shipman & Goodwin LLP and informs about 'Remote Learning Online Resources and Copyright Infringement'. Antonetti and Zittoun point out that 'The Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act specifically addresses the use of copyrighted material in an online educational format and establishes conditions under which the transmission of such material will not be considered copyright infringement.' Read more about those conditions in the article.

Furthermore, they write that 'As an alternative to following the TEACH Act requirements, educators can ensure that their use of copyrighted material is lawful by seeking a license or permission to use the work in their online lessons.  Given the unprecedented closure of schools across the country and the transition to online teaching and learning, many publishers have adapted their policies to allow educators to use their materials as they teach in a virtual format. A list of publishers who have granted permission and the guidelines and time frames they have established can be found on the School Library Journal’s website here. [...] 

Please continue to monitor for updates concerning COVID-19. If you have specific questions about remote learning and avoiding copyright infringement, please contact Gwen J. Zittoun at or Dori Pagé Antonetti at'

Upcoming Webinars and Live Online Events

VIRTUAL #IREL20 INSTITUTE 1: Understanding Systemic Racism: Society, Schools, and Classrooms

Monday, July 13 - Friday, July 17

This institute will focus on the ways in which racism has been embedded throughout history and in every societal institution, including schools. We will unpack how racism has become institutionalized, with a specific lens towards literacy practices, including curriculum and instruction.


Expert Q&A: Leading MTSS for the 2020-2021 School Year

Tuesday, July 21 @ 3 PM ET  

As districts and schools seek to support every student in the 2020-2021 school year during school reopening and beyond, a comprehensive Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) can help fulfill the promises of equity and positive student outcomes.  Watch this interactive Q&A with district and school leaders. We'll cover how they have addressed key challenges of MTSS and how they are preparing their MTSS for new requirements of the 2020-2021 school year.


Capture the Opportunity: Steps to Redesign School-Level Systems for Equity

Tuesday, July 21 @ 2 PM ET

As schools and districts plan for return to school in the fall, communities are anticipating changes and pivots to school operations and how learning is provided. Therefore, school-level leaders are in a great position to redesign school-level systems through equity for their marginalized groups of students.  Join this webinar to learn immediate tactical steps to take as a principal or school leadership design team and hear how leaders are inspired to do this work across the country.  This webinar is a great opportunity for participants to come as a team to learn and unlearn together.


Dear Black Male...

Wednesday, July 22 / July 29 / August 5 @ 1 PM CDT

This course will focus on the depiction of Black males in today’s society and the issues they go through and face. The cultural mistrust which influences perceptions and the quality of their relationships. Recognizing Black males vary in their individual needs and identifying supports that might be most effective. Consider how efforts to adequately provide for Black males can be linked to the fight for larger social justice goals for themselves and their communities. (Cost $35)


Getting Schools Ready to Support Students Facing a New World of Challenges

Wednesday, July 22 @ 2 PM CDT

Districts are developing back-to-school plans that meet the needs of all learners, including socio-emotional needs. Student advocates & ed leaders will discuss policy recommendations for district decision-makers on reopening schools that embrace restorative justice, ethnic studies & culturally responsive practices.

Live Workshop: Triangulating Need Across the Tiers MTSS for a New Back to School

Thursday, July 23 @ 4 PM ET

How do we prevent students from slipping through the cracks, especially when the cracks have widened and student needs have increased? One key pillar of success will be ensuring our tiered systems of support are more effective than ever. During our session, we will review what type of system shifts, adaptive changes, and best practices you can incorporate into your work in order to effectively leverage our existing teams and resources. For the students! 


VIRTUAL #IREL20 INSTITUTE 2: Interrogating Internalized Racism in Ourselves and in Our Practice 

Monday, July 27 - Friday, July 31

Racism is pervasive; no one is unaffected. This institute will focus on the ways in which racism lives in all of us. By identifying our own personal relationships with race and racism, we can then disrupt and dismantle the ways that our literacy practices may harm students and work towards a liberatory personal and professional approach to learning.


How a Personalized Learning Approach Can Address Learning Loss

Tuesday, August 4 @ 2 PM ET 

Experts anticipate potentially significant learning loss due to the impacts of COVID-19. This is likely to widen existing inequities in our school. To help students, we must provide increased flexibility, targeted support and student ownership - all elements of good personalized learning.

Meet the Librarians

This Libguide has been put together by SERC Librarians, Cassondra McCarthy and Julia Klann, with added resources from select SERC Consultants. If you have any questions regarding the links or resources contained within this Libguide, please feel free to contact the SERC Librarians by clicking the button below.